Nunbell Connectables: Understands the Needs of Your Dog

For centuries, we have domesticated and nurtured dogs of all sizes and breeds to become not only our best friends and family members but also our helpers. The centrality of dogs in our lives highlights the importance of catering to all their needs. According to Animal Wellness, all dogs require regular exercise, oral hygiene, and motivational needs. Addressing some of these needs requires a dog owner to weed out bad habits inherent in untrained dogs, such as chewing on random objects. Additionally, dog owners are required to acknowledge that their dogs lose interest within a very short period.

Understanding Your Dog’s Exercise Needs

Dogs require lots of exercises and a conducive environment for socialization. According to Paws Chicago, an exercise required by each dog depending on breed, size, and age. Understanding the exercise needs of your dog is vital for you to fulfill this basic need. Also, you need to develop an exercise routine for your dog that matches your personality. The exercise routine will converge your character traits and personalities with your dog’s enhancing your bond and friendship. The bond between you and your dog can be enhanced further by partaking in exercise activities together.
A great option to address the exercise needs of your dog is by using Nunbell connectable. The toy will enable you to engage in a fun and entertaining game of fetch burning a few calories in the process. Partaking in the fun and entertaining exercise routine can strengthen the bond and friendship between you and your dog. Nunbell Connectables address the exercise that caters to the exercise needs of all dogs across different ages. For instance, intense and long exercise routines are not recommended for puppies. Using Nunbell Connectable, you can still engage your pup in simple exercises, such as aggressive chewing and toy-tug, to strengthen jaws and neck muscles.

Understanding Your Dog’s Dental Needs

The biggest issue for most dog owners is the oral hygiene of their dogs. This is a major problem for dog owners, evidenced by the fact that about 80% of dogs experience periodontal by the age of three years. Additionally, the use of unsuitable chew toys and objects can exacerbate dental problems for your dog and their overall health. For example, using a stick to play a game of fetch exposes your dog to the risk of injury to the mouth by splinters, and it can fracture their teeth leading to periodontal disease.

Connectables can be used to address issues in oral hygiene and help your dog to keep their teeth and gums clean. Each connectable is designed with special grooves and features to help your dog clean their teeth and gums. The grooves can be used to connect the three pieces of the dog toy to create hiding places for the treats. New and challenging hiding places will force your dog to aggressively chew the Nunbell connectable from different angles to get to the hidden threats. During this aggressive chew process, soft and flexible rubber of the connectable scrubs and cleans the teeth and gums of your dog.

Understanding Your Dog’s Motivational Needs

Every day, billions of humans across the world are motivated by paycheck to work up in the morning and head to their workstations. Similarly, you can motivate your dog to exercise and clean their teeth using their favorite treats. The sweet and tantalizing aromas emitted by the treats will motivate your dog to work extra hard to be rewarded with the treats for good behavior. The power of positive reinforcement cannot be underestimated as a motivation tool for dogs.
Nunbell Connectable is an interactive dog toy that can be used to build motivation in dogs. The pieces of the dog toy feature different grooves allowing the user to connect the pieces and create challenging hiding spaces that can be filled with treats. The treats motivate the dog to work harder to get to the treats. Additionally, the connectable can be connected in different ways, depending on the level of motivation needed to be instilled. The challenge of reaching the treats can be increased by connecting another piece or connect all three pieces. Also, treats hidden in the connectable will sufficiently motivate your dog to learn new activities. Tantalizing aromas emitted by the dog's favorite treats ensure that they are excited and focused during learning. For example, a dog that does not like to swim can be motivated to go into the water by throwing a Nunbell connectable they are attached to into the water. Strong attachment to the interactive dog toy and the motivation catalyzed by the possibility of a treat in the toy will encourage the dog to get into the water and eventually learn to swim. Nunbell Connectable is perfectly suitable for teaching your dog to swim because it not only floats but can also be filled with hard treats that are not easily dissolvable.

Understanding Your Dog’s Boredom

Dogs are bored by activity or toy within a very short period. To capture and retain their interests, you need an interactive dog toy that entertains and engages the dog for longer. The most interactive dog toy should reduce monotonous routines and stimulate and encourage the dog to use their instincts and capabilities. Even though dogs were domesticated centuries ago, they still possess wild genes from their ancestors. This implies that dogs still have hunting instincts that need to be channeled into harmless activities within the home.
This is where Nunbell Connectable comes in because it is an interactive dog toy specially designed to engage and entertain your dog for hours. Interacting, engaging, and entertaining your dog for lengthy periods address separation anxiety and destructive behaviors, such as digging up the garden, chewing on shoes or furniture, or making a mess of your home. Also, the interactive dog toy provides mental stimulation needed to encourage your pet to use their capabilities and instincts fully. The toy can channel the dog's natural energy and hunting instincts into playtime. You can stuff Nunbell Connectable with your dog’s favorite hard treats or soft treats, allowing them to channel their wild instincts to hunt for the treats.

Understanding Your Dog’s Chew Habits

As dog owners, we have all experienced the pain of getting home exhausted only to find your dog has chewed your favorite shoe, expensive furniture, or messed up the whole house. It is part and parcel of their nature to chew on objects. Therefore, your dog’s chewing habit cannot be eradicated using training or conditioning techniques. Instead, you can offer your dog a chew toy to save yourself from the pain in the future. The dog toy needs to withstand the most aggressive chewers. Also, puppies can be trained on what you accept to be a chew toy and what you do not accept to be chewed on. Using an interactive dog toy, you can ensure your puppy has plenty of opportunities to chew during the day while assuring him that he is allowed to chew only the toy but not the other items in the house.
One great option for training your dog on what is acceptable to be chewed on is Nunbell Connectables. This connectable is designed as a dog toy for aggressive chewers. The interactive dog toy can be filled with your puppy’s favorite treats snacks or used on its own for aggressive chew training. Nunbell’s dog toy consists of three pieces, which are important because puppies like to chew different textures and objects aggressively. Your puppy can rotate between the three toy pieces ensuring that they don’t get bored and opt instead to chew on your shoe. Also, you should put away items that you don't want to ruin and can be enticing your dog to chew on, such as shoes, children’s toys, books, laundry, and so on. This will ensure your dog is intently focused on chewing the dog toy for aggressive chewers. Connectable offered by Nunbell is made of an all-natural rubber material called TBE, which is soft but durable, ensuring it can withstand even the most aggressive chewers while offering maximum comfort to your dog when it chews. The material used to manufacture the connectable is non-toxic and free of BPA and Phthalate, making it one of the safest chew toys for all dogs in the market.


You can purchase Nunbell Connectable in three different sizes with three toy pieces each or with two pieces each: