About us -- Nunbell

Welcome To Nunell Pet Shop

Nunbellpets.com, established in 2009, is a worldwide pet supplies company designed to fill customer’s needs with the best quality and affordable price. At Nunbell, customer satisfaction is our bond. As pet lovers ourselves, we are passionate about offering the best products that will help achieve a peaceful coexistence and bond between dogs and their owners. Nunbell means design and quality. Everything the fur kids parents need are to keep tails wagging. From collars to toys to training equipment, all fur kids are well catered for at Nunbell.

Our Specialities

01Guaranteed Quality

Sketching every design, using soft and non-toxic materials, and running all finished products past our testing team allows us to ensure that every product sold is one that we're proud to call ours.

02Unique Design

At our core, we stand for only giving your dogs the best. Each product has a pleasant mix of functionality and aesthetic appearance in a range of lively colours. 

03Service Guarantee

Nunbell offers 14-day hassle-free returns and 24-hour comprehensive customer service.

04International Distributors

We have distributors all over Europe and America. They mainly operate online platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and online store; they operate offline channels, such as supermarkets and local stores.

Your dog/puppy feel alone when you are out: Please don't complain that they make trouble if they have no interactive dog toys to play with. Need help choosing the right toy for your dog/puppy? Our Nunbell product of unique design will satisfy you! Nunbell Connectables, absolutely your dog's playmate!